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San Diego Resident Finally Watches Saved Sunset Videos

  • 1 min read

San Diego Resident Finally Watches Saved Sunset Videos

In a turn of events that left fellow San Diegans flabbergasted, one brave local did the unthinkable: he rewatched his saved sunset videos.

John "Sunset" Smith, a self-proclaimed sunset enthusiast, had been amassing sunset footage for years, contributing to the city's unspoken yet epidemic sunset-hoarding issue.

Then, on a whim, Smith decided to take a trip down memory lane - or rather, the Camera Roll.

"I thought, why not actually watch these golden moments on a small iPhone screen instead of walking out and actually experiencing it in real life?" he said, scrolling through thousands of nearly identical sunset videos.

This remarkable feat has led to some bewilderment among fellow residents, with one commenting, "I thought we were supposed to just capture the sunsets, not actually enjoy being in the moment, and then never actually rewatch them!"

Apple commented they love that people are recording videos of the sunset instead of being in the moment because this video hoarding-epidemic requires users to keep upgrading their iCloud storage to hold more videos. 

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