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San Diego man and woman meet up for a date without flaking on each other – Miracles Do Happen!

  • 1 min read

San Diego man and woman meet up for a date without flaking on each other – Miracles Do Happen!

San Diego, the city of sun, surf, and last-minute canceled plans, recently witnessed an event that has shaken the city to its core and made the locals question the very fabric of their reality. It's typically 75° and sunny but the San Diego dating climate has a consistent 90% chance of flakes and downpour of excuses.

A local San Diego man and woman committed to a date and – brace yourselves – actually met up without one of them flaking! This rare phenomenon was reported in a popular local eatery, much to the astonishment of onlookers.

Reports suggest that there was no sign of the usual San Diego dating dance: no flat tires due to potholes, no "you're going to hate me but...." text messages, and no "the Jack in the Box tacos have me on the shitter" excuses.

Instead, they actually sat down, had coffee, and made it through an entire conversation without once glancing at their phones.

The event has led to rampant speculation among locals. Are they new in town? Is this some sort of social experiment? Are they aliens or AI? The consensus, however, is that this extraordinary incident must be a one-off.

A group of scientists from UC San Diego have reportedly shown interest in the event and are planning to launch a study to understand this deviation from the norm. The entire city eagerly awaits the results. Meanwhile, singles across San Diego continue to swipe left and right, hoping to experience their own dating miracle.

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