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California Launches Rocket in Sky to Distract Residents from Soaring Gas Prices

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California Launches Rocket in Sky to Distract Residents from Soaring Gas Prices

In an audacious attempt to divert public attention from the escalating fuel costs, California's state officials have reportedly commissioned the launch of a rocket into the Southern California sky. The move, described by insiders as a 'grand celestial diversion', was aimed at making residents temporarily forget about the hole burning in their pockets every time they visit a gas station.

The shimmering rocket, originating from Vandenberg, illuminated the sky and became an instant sensation. Social media was abuzz with Californians sharing breathtaking photographs and videos of the unexpected spectacle, overshadowing any mentions of rising gas prices for the day.

A source, speaking under anonymity, stated, “The plan was simple. Give them a light show in the sky, and they might forget about the rising costs on the ground. It's like when magicians divert your attention – only on a state-wide scale.”

Local San Diegan, Tabitha Rodriguez, said, "I was lamenting about the gas prices while driving home, and then I saw this mesmerizing light. I mean, sure, I paid $16 for a burrito, I can hardly afford rent and gas is through the roof, but that rocket? Stunning!"

On the other side, economic analysts have pointed out that the astronomical costs associated with launching a rocket might not be the best economic solution for a state grappling with various fiscal challenges. Dr. Leonard Hughes, an economist based in Los Angeles, mentioned, "It's an interesting tactic. Distracting residents from high gas prices by spending millions on a rocket launch. But hey, who am I to judge fiscal prudence?"

A gas station owner from La Mesa weighed in, "People came in talking about the rocket, but they still complained about the gas prices. Though I must admit, they did it with a twinkle in their eye."

While the state officials haven’t formally acknowledged the launch as a distraction, residents are left to wonder if the next gas price hike will be accompanied by a surprise fireworks show or perhaps a parade of UFOs.

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