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Things to do on a date in San Diego.

  • 6 min read

Things to do on a date in San Diego.

So you've got a date coming up... congratulations! San Diego is known for flakiness (if that's a word) so you've already made it past the most difficult part of dating in San Diego. Finding something to do for a date night is easy in San Diego. From the beach to the desert, you can count on San Diego to provide you with the scenery for a romantic night. Below we've listed our top places for a date in San Diego. 

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Picnic by the Beach

Nothing says romance quite like a picnic by the beach. San Diego's coastline offers plenty of picturesque spots for a seaside meal. Grab a blanket, and a burrito from your favorite taco shop, and head to La Jolla Cove, Coronado Beach, Pacific Beach (Law Street) or Sunset Cliffs for a serene and intimate experience. Don't forget to time your picnic with the sunset for an extra touch of magic. 


Hike Torrey Pines

Hiking in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserveis a fantastic date idea for nature-loving couples seeking adventure and picturesque scenery in San Diego. The reserve, home to the rare and beautiful Torrey Pine tree, boasts over 2,000 acres of unspoiled coastal wilderness, making it an ideal destination for a memorable outdoor experience. With several well-maintained trails offering varying levels of difficulty, you can choose a hike that best suits you and your partner's fitness levels. One popular option is the Guy Fleming Trail, a relatively easy 0.7-mile loop that rewards hikers with stunning ocean vistas, unique geological formations, and seasonal wildflower displays. For a more challenging option, the 1.4-mile round-trip Beach Trail descends to a secluded beach, providing breathtaking panoramic views along the way. After your hike, relax together on the beach, or take a leisurely stroll along the water's edge, hand in hand, as you soak in the beauty of Torrey Pines and the Pacific Ocean.


Explore Balboa Park

For a date that has a little bit of everything, go explore Balboa Park. It’s a park, of course, with plenty of places to have a private little picnic lunch or dinner. It’s also home to no fewer than seventeen museums, including art museums, natural history museums, and a car museum. If you like animals, you can always go see the San Diego Zoo, which is also located in the park. There are also several gardens and a botanical center, where you can see all kinds of strange and exotic plants. If theater’s more your thing, catch a show at the Old Globe Theatre, a recreation of Shakespeare’s famous theater. There are also restaurants, cultural exhibits from all over the world, and more. There’s probably something there that both you and your date can enjoy.


Spend a Day at La Jolla Cove

For an adventurous outdoor date, why not spend the day at La Jolla Cove? You can explore the sea caves and the tide pools, when the tide is low. There’s a good chance you’ll see some seals and sea lions, maybe even a lot of them. You can take a kayak tour around the cove if you like or, if you’re looking for a more adventurous date, there are places where you can go cliff gliding or snorkeling. And then, when you’re done, there are tons of good restaurants and bars nearby where you can enjoy a relaxing evening together.


Bike around Coronado Island

Biking around Coronado Island is a delightful date idea for active couples looking to explore San Diego's charming coastal community. With its flat terrain, picturesque scenery, and dedicated bike lanes, Coronado Island is the perfect destination for a leisurely bike ride. Start your journey by renting bicycles from one of the many local bike rental shops, then set off to discover the island's many attractions. Ride along the scenic Silver Strand Bikeway, which takes you through beautiful beaches, parks, and wetlands, offering plenty of opportunities for photo ops and rest stops. Make sure to pedal past the iconic Hotel del Coronado, a National Historic Landmark with stunning Victorian architecture. Continue your exploration by visiting Coronado Tidelands Park, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the San Diego skyline and the impressive Coronado Bridge. Wrap up your adventure with a romantic sunset bike ride along Coronado Beach, where the golden sands and gentle waves create a picturesque setting to end a perfect day of discovery and fun. 


Paddleboarding in Mission Beach

Paddleboarding in Mission Beach is a fantastic date idea for couples seeking a fun and active experience on the water in San Diego. This popular beach community offers calm bay waters and easy access to equipment rentals, making it an ideal spot for both beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike. Start by renting stand-up paddleboards from a local shop, then head out to explore the tranquil waters of Mission Bay. As you paddle together, enjoy the sights of the bustling boardwalk, the picturesque shoreline, and an array of waterfowl and marine life. Paddleboarding not only provides an opportunity to connect with nature but also offers a unique bonding experience as you help each other maintain balance and navigate the bay. After your paddleboarding adventure, consider grabbing a refreshing treat from one of the nearby cafes or ice cream shops before relaxing together on the sandy shores of Mission Beach, taking in the vibrant atmosphere and the soothing sound of the waves.


Wine Tasting

San Diego is home to some really nice vineyards. You can go to tastings at many of them, which is not only a fun date, but a classy one, too. We highly recommend going as part of a wine tasting tour. That way, you don’t have to worry about driving and can keep your attention on the wine, and on each other.


Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a charming and unique date idea in San Diego, perfect for couples seeking a memorable outdoor adventure together. With its diverse landscapes, from coastal bluffs to lush valleys, San Diego offers a variety of scenic riding locations. One popular option is to take a guided trail ride through the picturesque Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, where you can enjoy a leisurely ride through the serene woodland, crossing streams and admiring the area's rich flora and fauna. For a more coastal experience, consider a beach horseback ride along the shores of Imperial Beach, where you can trot along the water's edge and watch the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. Many local stables and riding schools offer guided rides for all experience levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable excursion. Horseback riding provides a unique opportunity to connect with your partner while immersed in the beauty of San Diego's natural landscapes, creating lasting memories of a truly special date.


Laugh together at a Comedy Club

Going to a comedy club is a fantastic date idea in San Diego, as laughter can bring couples closer together and create lasting memories. The city boasts a variety of comedy clubs, and one of the most famous is The Comedy Store in La Jolla. Founded in 1977 by Mitzi Shore, The Comedy Store is a historic venue that has hosted legendary comedians such as Robin Williams, David Letterman, and Jay Leno. Its intimate setting and outstanding lineups make it an ideal spot to enjoy a night of laughter with your special someone. Be sure to check out their schedule and catch both established comedians and up-and-coming talent, ensuring a night filled with fun and laughter. A visit to The Comedy Store in La Jolla is not only an entertaining date idea but also a chance to be part of San Diego's rich comedy history.


Stroll around the Gaslamp District

Strolling around the Gaslamp Quarter is a delightful date idea in San Diego for couples who love to explore urban neighborhoods rich in history, culture, and culinary experiences. Meander through the charming streets, browse eclectic shops, and take in the historic charm of the area. As you explore, you'll find plenty of options for dining, from trendy gastropubs to romantic rooftop bars, making it easy to stop for a bite or a refreshing cocktail as you take in the sights and sounds of this bustling district. For an extra touch of romance, consider planning your date to coincide with one of the many events or festivals that take place in the Gaslamp Quarter throughout the year, such as the Art Walk, Mardi Gras, or the Taste of Gaslamp culinary tour. With its unique blend of history, entertainment, and dining, a date in the Gaslamp Quarter is sure to be a memorable experience.