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San Diego's Own - The Local Legends of Our City

  • 3 min read

San Diego's Own -  The Local Legends of Our City

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather year-round, and the best Cali burritos you can find. But what truly gives the city its true charm are the local legends that walk its streets or roller-blade the boardwalk. These characters are just as much a part of the city's fabric as the Pacific Ocean or the San Diego Zoo. They give our city culture and put a smile on the communities face anytime you're lucky enough to be in their presence. Let's dive into the tales of these unique local legends.


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No list of San Diego local legends would be complete without San Diego's very own SloMo..the man, the myth, the legend. Dr. John Kitchin, a former neurologist, traded his medical practice for a pair of rollerblades and the beach boardwalk of Pacific Beach. Clad in his blue t-shirt and trademark bucket cap, he's often seen rollerblading in slow-motion, gliding gracefully along the boardwalk. SloMo recently celebrated his 80th birthday with many locals showing up to wish him a happy birthday on the Mission Beach/Pacific Beach boardwalk.

Learn more about SloMo from the documentary which has almost 1 million views on youtube. You can also find SloMo on Instagram.

The Oceanside Trench Coat Guy

From far away, it might look like Bruce Parker is a sea creature coming to wreak havoc on land, but he is one of the nicest people you'll meet. Bruce Parker, also known as Oceanside Trenchcoat guy is known in San Diego to play in the ocean waves in his trenchcoat while filming himself for his youtube channel which has over 2,000 subscribers.

He believes in the healing power of the ocean and suggests that surfing can provide a sense of peace and contentment. Despite having faced adversities in his life, he remains optimistic and exudes a positive energy that is contagious. It has been said that he suffers from melanoma, hence why he covers his body with the trenchcoat.

People often think he is drowning in the ocean, but he is perfectly fine..his unique character and enduring spirit make him a true local legend in San Diego.

Watch Dog Luna

Nothing puts a smile on your face like running into local legend Luna sitting passenger side of her owner, Angel Gomez's van. She rides in style with her shades on, and her arm out the window flossing her watch. Angel drives his dog Luna around San Diego putting a smile on everyone's face as they roll by. 

Watch Dog Luna content has gotten millions of views on various social media accounts including Barstool and Snoop Dogg. Watch Dog Luna has her own Instagram account so you can follow along with her adventures. 

San Diego's Godfather (Little Italy Yellow House)

Nick Pecoraro, known as the "Godfather of Little Italy," is as much a staple of the neighborhood as the delicious Italian eateries. His golden yellow house in Little Italy stands out as much as he does with his dark shades, gold chain, and Italian leather shoes, he's hard to miss. People-watching is one of his favorite pastimes. He can do it from the porch of his yellow house on India Street. Nick has received offered multi-million dollar offers for his property but he refuses to accept any. Nick was born in Sicily and moved to San Diego in 1967 and has since seen the rapid growth in his neighborhood.


Ali the Rasta Pup

Ali the Rasta Pup is a heartwarming and lovable character who has captured the hearts of many in San Diego. Ali, known for his distinctive Rastafarian-color fur, is often seen around town with his owner, bringing smiles and chuckles to those lucky enough to cross paths with them. His owner, Donald Hall, and Ali the Rasta Pup can often be seen around Gaslamp, the Harbor, and Little Italy area socializing with locals and tourists. The pair are evidently inseparable, with the owner often seen smiling proudly as Ali steals the limelight with his unique getup. The colorful headgear Ali sports isn't just a style statement; it's a symbol of his owner's love and the joy this delightful dog brings to San Diego's residents and visitors.

With his friendly demeanor and distinctive style, Ali the Rasta Pup is undeniably a local legend, bringing joy, laughter, and a dash of Rastafarian flavor to the San Diego community.