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Best pizza shops in San Diego

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Best pizza shops in San Diego

When it comes to San Diego, pizza probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But maybe it should be. While the city has become famous for its Cali burritos, it’s also been quietly developing quite an impressive pizza scene. It’s a scene you should definitely check out. Or, even better, slowly explore and savor every nook and cranny of it. And, to help you get started, here’s the list of the 10 best pizza shops in San Diego, as voted on by a poll of our readers.

1) Bronx Pizza (195 votes)


Every New York style pizza shop claims that it makes authentic New York style pizza. Bronx Pizza really does, though. And when we say that, we don’t mean that it’s just like your average New York pizza, we mean that it’s just like the best New York pizza. The tomato sauce is rich and tangy. The crust is the perfect balance of chewy and crispy. The toppings are generous. The slices are large. There are a lot of options too, from the fully loaded Bronx Deluxe to the vegetarian Whitestone. You’ll be sure to find something you love here. Please note, though, that this place is cash only.

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2) Pizzeria Luigi (131 votes)


Pizzeria Luigi is famous for its ricotta pizzas, so if you’re a ricotta pizza fan, this is going to be your new favorite place. There’s a good selection of them here. Be sure to order the Crime Scene, which has meatballs, marinara, and ricotta. If you’re looking for a different sort of taste, go for the Sports Bar. It’s got sour cream, chives, potato, and bacon for toppings. In general, their selection of deep dish pizzas is pretty consistently spectacular. They also periodically have some really unusual and interesting pizza toppings, such as eggplant. They’ve got a decent selection of beers as well, and you can always find a good match for whatever kind of pizza you order.


3) Pizza Port (83 votes)


Pizza Port does not cook its pizza in pizza ovens or according to ancient Italian traditions. It uses modern industrial pizza making equipment and techniques. It is not, in short, competition for some of the high-end boutique pizza shops on this list. But that’s not a bad thing. Its pizzas are good, and they come with a really wide variety of toppings. These include the traditional toppings, of course, but also things like shrimp, pomegranate, palm hearts, and much more. There are a lot of different sauces, too, from the traditional red sauce to barbecue sauce and including such exotic choices as ranch and teriyaki. Pizza Port is made for families, office pizza parties, and other large gatherings with its plentiful picnic table seating.


4) Tribute Pizza (56 votes)


Tribute Pizza is located close to a local farmers’ market, and it puts that closeness to good use. Its pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients because it sources them from there. Its sauce tomatoes are organic. The location itself is unique, too. It used to be the post office, and it’s kept much of the post office signage. It also has an open kitchen, so guests can watch their pizzas being made while they wait. You should definitely try the Cadillac Margherita pizza. The mushroom Whitestone is a great choice too, though. Or, for something really different, try the Bees Mode, which has pickled sweet peppers and hot honey. This place has a lot of good choices.


5) Regents Pizzeria (34 votes)


This is the place to go if you’re a fan of Chicago deep dish pizza, because they do some high quality deep dish pizza here. Their New York style pizzas are good too, though. They’ve got quite a selection of beers here, so you can always find a good beer/pizza pairing. The garlic Parmesan wings make for a great side dish.


6) Filippi's Pizza Grotto (34 votes)


This one is not just a pizza shop but a full-fledged Italian restaurant, one focusing on dishes that are popular in America. However, it’s the pizza that makes this place special. For one thing, it’s heavy on the cheese. The crust is just thick enough to strike the perfect balance of crispy and chewy. The portions are big, the cost is low, and the red sauce pasta dishes are also great.


7) TNT Pizza (30 votes)


TNT Pizza makes some high quality pizzas with some truly interesting and unusual choices. The pickle pizza is very popular. The Bellucci jalapeno and mushroom pizza is incredible. TNT Pizza also offers good Detroit style pizzas, and not a lot of pizza shops offer even mediocre pizzas in that style. Both gluten-free and vegan options are available.

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8) Hoboken Pizza & Beer Joint (29 votes)


As the name suggests, this place focuses on the classic pairing of pizza and beer. There’s nothing too unusual on the menu, but the pizzas strike the perfect flavor balance between sauce, dough, and toppings. The Sicilian pizza is a real treat, with the dough tasting just as it should for a Sicilian. They have a great selection of local brews to pair with any of their pizza selections.


9) Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria (27 votes)


This place does deep dish Chicago pizzas really, really well. It’s cooked to perfection and comes with a generous portion of cheese. Lefty’s has also got a wide variety of traditional Chicago street foods, including a surprising number of different kinds of fries. It’s got some nice vegetarian options and the salads are quite tasty.


10) URBN Pizza (26 votes)


They have a nice selection of coal-fired pizzas here, and it seems like everything on the menu is done well. The Polpetta con Provolone has an intriguing combination of provolone, ricotta, and parmesan cheeses along with meatballs. The Chicken Alfredo pizza has a really nice garlic sauce. The pizza crusts are thin and crispy. The cocktail bar is pretty nice, too.