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Best bars in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

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Best bars in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

It's 75, sunny and the White Claws are flowing while you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.. you're likely in Pacific Beach, but it's known as 'PB' to the locals so don't slip up and look like a tourist. PB is known to have one of San Diego's wildest crowds being a popular area for college students and young professionals. San Diego has the best brews and cocktails to help you stay cool in the west coast sun. Whether you're going out at night or day drinking, one thing PB doesn't lack is restaurants and bars for all types of people. 

Below is our list of favorite bars in Pacific Beach...

1. Cass Street Bar and Grill

Cass Street Bar and Grill is a local favorite and one of our favorite bars in all of San Diego. Cass Street opened in Pacific Beach in 1980, being one of the oldest bars in Pacific Beach. The scene in Cass Street is a bit different than the rest of PB. Cass St. has a more chill, dive-bar vibe if you're looking to hang out, play some billiards, and listen to jams.

Cass Street offers its own menu of beer and food but it's also attached to its sister restaurant Harry's Taco Club, which is one of the best burrito spots in Pacific Beach. Nothing like sipping on a cold beer and enjoying a California Burrito. 



2. Waterbar

Located on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach, Waterbar offers ocean-front views, great seafood and drinks. Our favorite is the margarita since Waterbar uses fresh ingredients without any of the 'sour mixes' you get in most bars. 

Waterbar is great if you are looking for more of a classy vibe in PB. It's a great spot for dates but make sure you get there early enough to catch the sunset with front-row seats along the ocean.  



3. Mavericks Beach Club

If you're looking for a day party in Pacific Beach, Mavericks Beach Club is the spot. Located on Garnet Avenue, Mavericks offers an outdoor beach club atmosphere with live DJs and different events such a happy hour for dogs and dog owners.

They also have great drink specials during happy hour. Make sure to come early as it gets packed during the summer months with long lines to get in for the night party.



4. Moonshine Beach



5. Lahiana Beach Club